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Virginia Professional Hearing Healthcare Center
Virginia Professional          Hearing Healthcare Center 


Virginia Professional Hearing Healthcare Center offers the following Services for children and adults:

- Comprehensive Hearing Testing

-Tinnitus Evaluations


-Middle Ear Testing

Central Auditory Processing testing

- Hearing Screening

-Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Evaluations

-Hearing Loss Consultation

-On/Off Site Contractual Hearing Examinations.

                        DR. SHANTELL D. LEWIS

"I believe that hearing is one of our most precious gifts. The ability to communicate effectively should not be taken for granted.  For the past 17 years, I have dedicated my entire career toward research, advocacy, professional regulation and policy in hearing for children and adults. I bring this knowledge to my patients, everyday, to ensure that they are receiving the best care with the most current practices. Good hearing health is a must for everyone with and without normal hearing. Good hearing health includes receiving routine hearing evaluations, exercising techniques to prevent permanent hearing loss and understanding hearing and hearing loss though patient education.  I understand the variety of options for improving hearing health from the use of hearing aids and tinnitus. My special interests include hearing disease and disorders, neuro-otology, tinnitus, hearing aid technology. While cherishing my establish patients, I look forward to working with new individuals in need of hearing healthcare." 

Dr. Lewis is a board certified audiologist and dually licensed as an audiologist and hearing aid dispenser in the state of Virginia.
                                  Dr. Lewis Biography:
1999                       Virginia Union University        B.S. in Biology

2002                       Howard University                     M.S. in Audiology
2008                       University of Florida                  Doctorate of 

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