Virginia Professional Hearing Healthcare Center
Virginia Professional          Hearing Healthcare Center 

Hearing Aids

To schedule your appointment, contact us at
(804) 330-1350.
Saturday appointments available!

At Virginia Professional Hearing Healthcare Center, we offer the latest hearing aid technology. We have a wide range of hearing aid styles for children and adults.  Since we know everyone's hearing loss is different, we believe in spending time with our clients and their families to find the right hearing aids. In addition, we provide the following:

-Hearing testing 

-Hearing aid demonstrations. 

-Hearing aid supplies ( no appointment needed, just walk in!)

-Assistive listening device (pocket talkers, Amplified phones, TV Ears)

-Assistive devices for tinnitus relief

We offer a range of payment options, to include financing, and accept most insurance plans.

 In addition, we have many resources to assist with the cost of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, so we can help anyone interested in receiving assistance with their hearing loss. We have a 30 day trial period to ensure that you are satisified with your hearing aids.
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